Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Dr. T Bharat Krishna, ,PhD

“Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong emphasis on team work and a high level of responsibility. This visionary culture allows and emphasises our wards not only to adopt the present day challenges but also individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large. Learning should be based on doing things and not merely knowing things. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to acquire and apply the knowledge, the whole process will remain superficial. Any engineering institution worth its name looks to optimize the productivity of global leaders. Our institution has set specific objectives and planned activities for achieving excellence in all spheres of technical education. The service of the institution in creating personally mature, professionally equipped and service-oriented graduates is really worth mentioning. We strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on teaching standards or discipline. These three things are the springboards on which we operate. People who feel good about themselves produce good results and people who produce good results feel good about themselves. We also believe in total learning and sharing. Have a visit to ANUBOSE and feel good to get good education”
Philanthropist, Educationist, Visionary…..  are some of the attributes which have been associated with Chairman T Bharat Krishna. At a very young age, he proved himself as an excellent academician. The establishment of this college has fulfilled his long cherished dream of starting an Engineering College to serve the student community by offering technical education in both conventional and hi-tech disciplines of engineering with all the state-of-art facilities. His main objective is to promote an educational institution for the overall benefit of the country in general, and the state in particular. “A person who dares to dream big and commands the ability to realize it“.  In the year 2008 he established Anubose Institute of Technology Under National educational Trust with a vision to bring out the rural talent to the forefront. He followed the foot steps of his Guru, Sri. T Bose, The former Chairman, National educational society, inducing innovative administrative practices, introducing modern teaching methodologies and providing International standards of infrastructure. ABIT will remain as one of the best engineering colleges in India wherein he continues to put his maximum effort and avid interest in its continual development. Growth of which the prime beneficiaries will be the students.