Master of Business Administration(MBA)

Department Vision​

To foster business acumen for harnessing the full potentials of managers,
entrepreneurs and business leaders in the knowledge economy.

Department Mission​

DM1: To equip students with industry driven theoretical and practical
knowledge, of business management with an interdisciplinary approach for
adapting in a volatile, uncertain and complex world.

DM2: To inculcate a spirit of innovation and enterprise amongst our
students through sustained training programs, mentoring, to create a budding
entrepreneur and technocrat to contribute to wealth creation, economy and


To sensitize our students to ethical living and its impact on society at



PEO 1: To Excel as a Management Professionals, keeping pace with the evolving
world to build a world class organization.

PEO 2: To Inspire and nurture an ecosystem of innovation, creative spirit and
entrepreneurship in digital work place.

PEO 3: To practice ethics and lifelong learning with concern for societal wellbeing
while being engaged in professional activities.