Vision And Mission

Mechanical Engineering

Department Vision​

To produce mechanical engineering graduates with sound technical knowledge, research inclination, innovative and entrepreneurial approach to meet the requirements of the industry as well as society.

Department Mission​


To provide quality educational experience with an emphasis on practical skills and its applications with social relevance.


To provide analytical skills, managerial competence and interactive abilities for enhancing the employability.


To create an educational environment leading to students with innovation, professional ethics and life- long learning attitude



PEO 1: To be well acquainted with fundamentals of Electronics & Communication
Engineering for leading a successful career in industry or as an entrepreneur or
pursuing higher education.

PEO 2:To produce graduates with communicative, leadership & organizational
skills and to inculcate professional ethics and lifelong learning attitude .

PEO 3:To foster techno-commercial skills for innovative solutions in Electronics &
Communication Engineering or related areas and addressing global societal needs.

PEO 4: To participate in life-long learning in the relevant domain for addressing
global societal needs.