Vision,Mission ,PEO’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Department Vision​

To be in the frontiers of Computer Science and Engineering with academic excellence and Research.

Department Mission​

DM1: To ensure dissemination of knowledge through effective teaching and learning in Electronics Communication Engineering.

DM2: To excel in research and development activities in emerging areas by promoting industry-institution interaction.

DM3: To establish center of excellence in trust areas to nurture the spirit of innovation
and creativity among students to meet global needs.


PEO 1: To be well acquainted with fundamentals of Electronics & Communication
Engineering for leading a successful career in industry or as an entrepreneur or
pursuing higher education.

PEO 2:To produce graduates with communicative, leadership & organizational
skills and to inculcate professional ethics and lifelong learning attitude .

PEO 3:To foster techno-commercial skills for innovative solutions in Electronics &
Communication Engineering or related areas and addressing global societal needs.

PEO 4: To participate in life-long learning in the relevant domain for addressing
global societal needs.